Text Expander FAQ

What exactly is a Text Expander?

A Text Expander is an application to create abbreviations of your frequently used text. The Application allows you to create text snippet which can be associated to abbreviations. When typing those abbreviations the snippet associated will be triggered and typed to the application you are working on your computer.

What is an "abbreviation" in a Text Expander?

An abbreviation works like a trigger to an action in a Text Expander.

Example: If you have created a text snippet "Obese programmer village idiot from Rodgau ´╗┐with doughy skin and a face like Tom & Jerry's bandog named 'Spike'" and associated it to the abbreviation 'spackoberz', every time you enter this abbreviation, the Text Expander will replace and expand it with the above phrase.

What is the benefit of a Text Expander?

You save a lot of typing as you just have to enter the text abbreviation which will be automatically expanded to the full text snippet.

Powerful Text Expander software like PhraseExpress can also store text snippets with text formatting and images, saving you from manually formatting the text over and over again.

Don't get Text Expanders in the way while typing?

Text Expander work differently from Autotext which may be annoying, e.g. on mobile phones.

The difference is, that you expressly define the abbreviations you wish to have expanded.

Powerful Text Expander software, such as PhraseExpress, also allow you configure abbreviations in a way that the phrase insertion is offered in a popup menu first and expanded only after additional confirmation.´╗┐

Why using PhraseExpress as a Text Expander?

PhraseExpress is an established application for more than a decade and provides rock-solid experience with many additional features:

  • In PhraseExpress, Text snippets can be organized into a multi-level tree structure, allowing you to really keep your snippets efficient and clean to search through. PhraseExpress can import and then sync text snippets from the Mac software TextExpander 4/5 from Smile software, providing you a cross-platform solution to use text snippets on the PC and on the Mac.
  • The built-in Clipboard Manager keeps a history of your older Windows clipboard entries for easy access.
  • A phrase popup menu helps you to select the desired phrases out of multiple choices easily.
  • PhraseExpress optionally offers a professional client-/server architecture with SQL server support and Citrix/TerminalServer compatibility to share text snippets in the local network.
  • You can restrict abbreviations to certain applications and to certain users. Place holders, such as date, time, manual text input can be inserted into pre-defined text templates.

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