Text Expander Windows

TextExpander for Mac is a fantastic utility to save time and avoids typing the same thing over and over on OSX operating systems.

If you have to switch between Windows and Mac computers and miss the productivity benefit of Text Expander on your Windows PC, look no further:

 “PhraseExpress” is a Text Expander for Windows that can import and synchronize your SmileOnMyMac TextExpander snippets for use on Windows:

Text Expander Windows

Cross-platform Text Expander solution

PhraseExpress allows you to seamlessly use your boilerplate templates, created with SmileOnMyMac Text Expander, on Windows computers.

Sophisticated Macro support

PhraseExpress supports many SmileOnMyMac TextExpander macro functions, including the %snippets% function to nest and link multiple text phrases or %fill% to allow additional text input.

Easy as 1-2-3

It takes less than a minute to configure everything:

  1. Install PhraseExpress on your Windows computer.
  2. Copy the TextExpander snippet file from your Mac to the Windows computer, e.g. by using DropBox
  3. Import the snippet file into PhraseExpress.

That’s it! Now you can use your TextExpander text snippets with Windows.

Synchronization including Dropbox Support

PhraseExpress can not only import text snippets from TextExpander but then also sync back changes from Windows to the Mac platform.

PhraseExpress works in both directions: You can create contents on either platform and sync it between your computers from Mac to Windows and the other way round, too.

Copyright note: TextExpander is a trademark of SmileOnMyMac.

Start using the Text Expander for Windows within a minute

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